Manage easily across geographies. Safe@Work.

Plover Workspace (‘Safe@Work’) is designed to save you time and boost your employee productivity. Time-consuming tasks such as staff scheduling, meeting rooms, workspaces and office maintenance services, can be easily managed.

With Plover Workspace, you can centrally manage the operational readiness of your offices across geographies. More importantly, you will be better equipped to safeguard the health and safety of your employees in times of emergencies.

Why Plover Workspace (‘Safe@Work’)?

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Workspace Management

  • Roster management

  • Meeting room and workspace booking

  • Online check-in and approval

Manage staff scheduling, meeting room and workspace bookings on-the-go. Offer your staff and guests a convenient way to check-in, record temperature and/or declare health status.

corporate travel management software

Service Management

  • Service records and reminders

  • Schedule new service request

  • Vendor contact info

Simplify and streamline your administrative processes. Maintain digital records of payments. Receive autoreminders of upcoming maintenance services.

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Control &

  • Administer multiple offices

  • Real-time data and reporting

  • Enforce health and safety protocols

Administer multiple offices with full visibility across geographies. Retrieve data and reports any time on office entries and other declared information. Instantly alert your affected employees when the safety of any office is compromised.

For Companies

  • Lower backoffice costs through digitalization of office administration

  • Ease in managing flexible staff rostering and office resources

  • Improved duty of care by ensuring a safer office (Safe@Work)

For Employees

  • Real–time info and alerts on work rosters

  • Book meeting rooms and other office resources on-the-go

  • Convenient and easy-to-use

  • Monitor and control office occupancy

  • Manage multiple teams and locations

  • Assign and manage staff schedules

  • Configure desk and workspace arrangements

  • Online approval process

  • Manage and book meeting rooms

  • Send meeting room invites

  • Meeting room sanitisation updates

  • Customize desk and workspace layouts

  • Multi-location support

  • Real-time data reporting

  • Office entry history

  • Guest check-in history

  • Meeting room utilisation

  • Available online

Key Features


Finding it a headache to manage and track your many office maintenance services and general needs? Need to share but worried that your tracking worksheet might be accidentally messed up?

Our Property Services function allows you to manage and keep track of your various service contractors, and related details, e.g. air conditioner servicing, carpet cleaning, office cleaning schedules, etc. You can set reminders based on scheduled or due dates. Payment and service records are easily updated and tracked.


Reduce your administrative cost by consolidating and centrally managing your offices. Office managers can now easily manage staff schedules, logistics and maintenance services of different offices remotely – nationally, regionally or globally.

Plover Workspace supports your effort to bring greater work-life balance and convenience to your team. Employees can book and manage meeting rooms and desks from wherever they are. Travelers can, ahead of departure, conveniently pre-book internal meeting rooms in overseas offices they are visiting.


Need to enable flexible work arrangements and controlling who comes into the office, especially in a pandemic? Or looking to enhance your duty of care to your employees?

Our Safe@Work solution allows office managers to plan, manage and track office occupancy to meet corporate or national safe management measures.

Employees will be prompted to check-in / check-out, record their temperatures / health status, and provide health declarations. Visitors can use the QR code enabled ‘Guest Check-in’ feature to register themselves. All personnel can be instantly notified in the event of an emergency.

Real-time entry and declaration reports are readily available for duty of care assessments, as well as safety enforcement inspections.