Expense Claim Management App

Expense Management. Claim easy.

Reimbursement claim is a tedious and time-consuming process. Plover Expense App, our online expense management software, can help make it simpler and faster.

Empower your employees to manage expense claims on-the-go with A.I. enabled receipt recognition. Gain better control and compliance over your discretionary expenses with online approvals and fraud detection. Plover Expense App provides seamless integration with your corporate travel bookings made through Plover Corporate Travel App.

Discover a better way to manage your employee expense claims.

Why Plover Expense?

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Simplified Expense Process

  • Scan and upload receipts on-the-go

  • Reduced manual entries and errors

  • Multi-currency support

Enable expense claim automation with Plover Expense App, our online expense management software. Scan and store receipts easily with our app. Our A.I. enabled detection and recognition captures key information for reimbursement processing. No more tagging and storing of old faded receipts.

Spend & Compliance Control

  • Real-time tracking

  • Fraud detection

  • Budgeting and forecasting

Enable expense claim policy compliance with built-in policy settings for different cost centres, departments and teams. Keep reimbursement items within approved team expense budgets with online approvals and limit controls.

Data Analytics & Reports

  • Total spend visibility

  • Executive dashboard

  • Easy reconciliation

Gain better visibility and understanding of your expense claims with our dashboard and data analytics. Use detailed insights to make better decisions and policies. Download data reports anytime for accounting reconciliation.

claims handling software for finance department

Benefits for Finance

  • Approve and process claims with all required info

  • Save time on consolidating reimbursement items for reporting

  • Improve compliance with spend limits and policy controls

No more hassle of manually filing claims reimbursement for employees

Benefits for Employees

  • No more hassle of manually filing expense claims

  • No more tagging of old faded receipts

  • Create and submit expense claims easily anywhere/p>

  • Customised expense claim policy settings

  • Set reimbursement claim limits

  • Online approval process

  • Notifications on policy violation

  • Real-time visibility on expense claim spend

Enhanced Policy Compliance claims handling software
  • Detect expense claim anomalies

  • Alerts on duplicate receipts and claims

  • Trip-based reimbursement claim tracking

  • Streamline data reconciliation

  • Improve confidence in processing

Verifying Expense Claims with plover expense
  • Forecast spend of upcoming business trips

  • Define expense budget and claim limits

  • Review and amend expense budgets

  • Manage at individual or team level

  • Data-driven decision making

Review and amend expense budgets online with plover expense claim system

Key Features


Plover Expense employs A.I. enabled receipt recognition technology to quickly decipher your receipt scans, and auto-capture key data for you. Simply check and confirm your expense items. Receipts are stored online, and can be shared with approvers during processing.

Claims handling software with A.I. enabled receipt recognition technology with Plover


Plover Expense automatically audits every claim. It will check and notify you on any anomalies, duplicates or out-of-policy expenses. You can now process claims faster and with greater confidence.


Define multiple levels of approval in accordance to your company policy. Approvers are instantly notified on new approval requests. Employees can easily monitor the real-time progress of their submitted claims.