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Mastering Expense Claim Management with Plover.co

Expense claim management can be a headache, especially for businesses with many employees or multiple departments. Expense claims are essential to any business, regardless of size or industry. To make the process easier and more efficient, many companies are turning to expense claim software by Plover.co. Plover.co streamlines the expense claim process, from submitting claims to approving them and reimbursing employees. Effective claims management ensures accurate financial reporting and helps maintain organizational transparency and accountability.

What is an expense claim?

An expense claim is a formal request made by individuals to seek reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred during work-related activities. Examples of expenses declared for a refund include travel costs, meals, accommodation, transportation, and office supplies. Examples of business expenses claimed for a refund include travel costs, meals, accommodation, transportation, and office supplies. To verify the claimed expenses, the claimant must provide supporting documents, such as receipts or invoices. The claims will be carefully reviewed and approved by the employer or the organization’s finance department before the claimant is eligible for reimbursement. Expense claims help maintain financial transparency and compliance with company policies while accurately tracking costs – making it a valuable part of any expense management system.

Why is Expense Claim Management Important?

  1. Financial Accuracy: Proper claim expenses ensure that all expense data are accurately recorded, preventing any discrepancies or errors in financial statements. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of financial records and complying with auditing standards.
  2. Cost Control: By closely monitoring and reviewing claims, businesses can identify areas of excessive spending or potential cost-saving opportunities. This allows for better control over expenses and helps optimize the allocation of resources.
  3. Compliance with Policies: A well-defined expense claims process ensures employees adhere to the company’s expense policies and guidelines. This helps prevent fraudulent or unauthorized expenses and promotes ethical behaviour within the organization.

Implementing a Robust Expense Management Process

Plover.co can help reduce unnecessary costs, improve employee morale, and boost productivity by streamlining the reimbursement process. Implementing a proper system to manage expenses can be daunting, but it can be done quickly and easily with careful planning and an understanding of best practices.

Set clear expense policies

Setting clear policies helps to ensure that employees understand the guidelines and procedures when submitting claims. It’s essential to consider the expenses allowed, the documentation needed to support the claims, how payments will be processed, and whether any restrictions apply to certain costs. By providing clear and concise guidelines in advance, you can avoid confusion or disputes and help ensure that all claims are handled accurately and ethically.

Simplify the Submission Process

Automating the system provides a faster and more efficient way to manage expenses and eliminates manual errors. Many systems allow users to scan or upload paper receipts and invoices digitally, making it easier for employees to submit the process expense claims quickly. In addition, automated reporting tools enable you to generate comprehensive financial reports more accurately in less time.

Provide Timely Reimbursements

Timely approvals and reimbursements are essential for maintaining employee satisfaction and ensuring accurate financial records. Multi-level approvals help guarantee that no single individual is responsible for an expense and that all payments have an effective system of checks and balances. Expense management software can further facilitate the process, providing real-time tracking, automated policy enforcement, and streamlined reimbursement processes as the management solution.

Types of Expense Management Software/Platforms

Expense management software is crucial for businesses to handle their expenses efficiently. Plover.co software platforms offer a range of functions, including invoice management, expense tracking, receipt management, spend control and workflow management.

Invoice management allows businesses to quickly process and track invoices, ensuring timely payments to vendors and suppliers. Expense tracking enables employees to record and categorize expenses, simplifying the overall tracking process. Receipt management ensures that all necessary documents are collected and stored securely for easy retrieval during audits or reimbursement claims.

By utilizing Plover.co, businesses can accurately create reports, streamline the reimbursement process, and ensure that dues are cleared on time. This saves time, minimizes errors, and gives businesses valuable insights into their financial health.

Leveraging Technology for Expense Claims

Technology can help organizations streamline their claim management process and improve accuracy, compliance, and cost control. Technology solutions such as automated tracking systems enable companies to track expenses in real-time, enforce company policies, and generate financial reports quickly and easily.

Why Plover Expense?

Plover Expense is a comprehensive cloud-based expense management solution designed to help businesses streamline their claim process and improve accuracy, compliance, and cost control. Plover provides an intuitive user interface for employees to easily submit claims, scan paper receipts, and upload invoices digitally. It offers an automated policy enforcement system and real-time tracking of expenses and reimbursements. Additionally, it provides detailed financial reports that enable companies to gain greater visibility into their spending habits.

1. Simplified Expense Process

The automated policy enforcement system in Plover Expense allows businesses to ensure that all claims are compliant with their company policies. It provides powerful tools to help companies track and monitor spending, allocate resources efficiently, reduce inefficient expenses, and spot potential fraud. 

Additionally, it enables multi-level approvals and real-time tracking of reimbursements, making it easier for businesses to manage their expenses and maintain accurate financial records without any manual errors. Plover Expense also supports multiple currencies.

Plover Expense streamlines expense management, giving you more control over your spending. With simplified submissions and efficient online approvals, employees and finance teams benefit.

2. Spend & Compliance Control

Spend and compliance control features in Plover Expense include budgeting, fraud detection, and policy enforcement, helping businesses monitor spending, allocate resources effectively, and reduce inefficient expenses.

By implementing these controls, businesses can ensure that all claims comply with company policies and reduce the risk of errors and fraud.

3. Data Analytics & Reports

Data analytics and reports provided by Plover Expense give businesses real-time visibility into expenses, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize spending. Plover Expense helps companies to identify trends, spot potential issues, and take corrective action to ensure efficient claim management by offering powerful tools to gain meaningful insights from data.

With Plover Expense, businesses can easily track and manage expenses, ensuring compliance.

Enhanced policy compliance

Enhanced policy compliance is essential for any business needs to maintain financial integrity. Plover Expense allows firms to quickly verify all claims and ensure the accuracy of the data submitted. The software compares receipts against employee-provided information, validates expenditures against company policy, and provides all expenses comply with company policies. This helps businesses reduce errors and fraud related to employee expense claims.

Verifying Expenses

The system also alerts when duplicate information or claims are detected, helping small businesses save time and money by avoiding unnecessary payments. Additionally, Plover Expense can track reimbursements trip-by-trip and streamline data reconciliation with its automated tools. Its detailed financial expense reports will help improve confidence in processing the claims accurately.

Budgeting & Controls

Effective forecasting of upcoming business trips requires setting up and managing transparent budgets and limits. Companies should review and amend their budgets regularly to accommodate changes in the cost of travel, food, accommodation, transportation, incidentals, and other related expenses.

Plover Expense offers automated policy enforcement, real-time expense claims tracking, budgeting and control, data analytics and reports, enhanced policy compliance, and verification. This helps businesses minimize time and money while ensuring compliance with company policies.

Key Features

The claim management software is a powerful solution designed to automate and streamline submitting, approving and reimbursing employee claims. It can help organisations reduce time and money by reducing the manual effort needed to manage claims.

A.I. Enabled Receipt Recognition

This technology significantly reduces the time and effort of manually entering employee expense items. Instead of manually entering all the required information, such as merchant name, total amount, date purchased, etc., AI-enabled receipt recognition scans and identifies this information for you. The software then automatically populates the online expense form with these data points.

The AI-enabled receipt recognition also allows users to easily upload receipts from their mobile devices or email them directly to our app for quick processing. This helps to ensure faster reimbursement cycles and eliminates tedious manual tasks associated with handling employee expenses.

Fraud Detection

Plover Expense brings all the necessary fraud detection measures into one easy platform. Its AI-powered audit system will detect any irregularities or suspicious activity in submitted claims and alert you to potentially fraudulent behaviour. Plover Expense utilizes advanced algorithms and analytics to detect and highlight discrepancies across multiple claims efficiently.

The Fraud Detection can detect fraudulent activities, such as duplicate claims, overstated expenses, and false or non-existent receipts. Automatically flagging these suspicious activities helps you identify potential frauds and allows you to quickly investigate any irregularities and take appropriate action, if necessary.

Multi-level online approval

Multi-level online approval is a process used by companies to manage their claims. It allows companies to define multiple levels of approval under the company policy and ensures that the necessary approvals are received before a claim can be processed.

The multi-level online approval system enables employees to submit their claims faster and more conveniently than traditional paper-based processes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Plover Expense?

 Plover Expense is an automated expense management software by Plover.co that helps businesses quickly and easily submit, approve, and reimburse expenses. It offers advanced features such as AI-enabled receipt recognition, fraud detection, multi-level online approval, budgeting & controls, data analytics & reports, and enhanced policy compliance.

How does AI-enabled receipt Recognition work?

AI-enabled receipt Recognition uses advanced algorithms to scan receipts and identify the necessary information such as merchant name, total amount, date purchased, etc. This saves time and effort in manually entering each expense item into the online form for submission. It also allows users to upload receipts from their mobile devices or email them directly to Plover Expense for quick processing.

What type of fraud can Plover Expense detect?

Plover Expense utilizes advanced algorithms and analytics to detect irregularities or suspicious activity in submitted claims. It can see various fraudulent activities such as duplicate claims, overstated expenses, false or non-existent receipts etc., helping companies identify potential frauds quickly and take necessary action.